A Celebration of 50 Years of Pace- Pleasantville

The 2013 Homecoming Queen and President Friedman by Samantha Finch.

By: Samantha Finch 

In September 1963, the Pleasantville location began with a generous donation by alumnus Wayne C. Marks. Originally intended to be a two-year college that would inspire students to transfer to the NYC campus, Pace College only offered associate degrees. Within two years Pace began offering it’s first undergraduate degrees. Now, 50 years later, Pace University – Pleasantville is a thriving university that is home to over 27 majors, 200 acres, and over 5,000 students. With the 2013-2014 school year marking the 50th birthday of Pace University –Pleasantville campus, the campus has been hosting several events that celebrate the past while encouraging excitement for the future of Pace- Pleasantville.


The crowds cheering at the 2013 Homecoming game by Samantha Finch

From October 24th to October 27th Homecoming weekend kicked off our 50th birthday celebration. Families, alumni, and students gathered on Pleasantville throughout the weekend to engage in several campus wide events including the Step and Stroll show, Prep Rally, and the homecoming game/ alumni reception. Additionally, Pace hosted specific events to commemorate its 50 years including the 50 Faces Dinner that was held on October 26th and welcomed faculty, staff, alumni, and students.  Overall, this is just the beginning of the festivities planned for the entire year as Pace University Pleasantville embraces their 50 year anniversary.


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