Film Festival on Campus a Great Experience for Students

Prof. Sager speaking on behalf on her class during the Red Carpet Gala. Photo Credit: Samantha Finch

By: Samantha Finch 

Students, alumni, and residents of the Pleasantville community made their way to Pace University Pleasantville campus this past Saturday to participate in Pace Pleasantville the first ever student run film festival.

While several people came out for the festival itself, the highlight of the event was the Red Carpet Gala which was held in Gottesman room on the Pleasantville campus. The gala had all the makings of a true Hollywood event including live entertainment, music, a trivia game section with prizes, and dinner.


Guest watch the Pace 50th Anniversary promotional video during the Red Carpet Gala on Saturday Dec. 7, 2013. Photo Credit: Samantha Finch

Additionally, the Media Communications and Visual Arts department premiered their student made promotional film for Pace Pleasantville’s 50th Anniversary.

Visitors from the Westchester community came out to the Pace Pleasantville Film Festival by Samantha Finch

The festival was planned and executed by Prof. Corinna Sager’s fall 2013 event planning class and was a celebration of Pace University’s 50 years in Pleasantville.

“The film festival was an exciting event to celebrate Pace Pleasantville’s 50th birthday,” said Sager. “It was the perfect opportunity for my students to learn about putting on a real event for the Event Design Class and I know they learned more than they ever could in the classroom. It was a great success and maybe we can do it again.”

The film festival was the final event of the fall semester to celebrate Pace Pleasantville’s 50th Birthday. For more information about the festival visit To view upcoming events for Pace’s 50th anniversary please visit


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